Faema Special, Installed

I decided I couldn’t wait to set up the Faema Special in my kitchen now that it was painted and looking nice. To do this, it’ll need a 2-phase (240VAC) power source, a water source and a drain.

To power the machine, I’ve split the power for my kitchen range using a custom splitter that plugs into the range socket (known as NEMA 10-50R), with a socket for the range to plug into, and a smaller NEMA 5-20R socket for the espresso machine. I’ll take a picture of this device next time I crawl behind my stove. Theoretically if I had my oven (both top and bottom element) and all four burners on high, AND the espresso machine is heating and pumping, I might trip the breaker. Given that I rarely use more than one range burner at a time this is an unlikely scenario.

My water is pretty hard (at about 14 grains per gallon), so I was looking for something to reduce that and avoid scale, as well as filter it. I obtained a relatively inexpensive water softening and filtration system to hook it up with from Amazon (where else?). In case anyone’s interested I added the links below since that’s where I bought them, but they can be purchased from other sources. (I may receive a small commission if they’re used to purchase something). To hook it all up, I used some push-connect polyethylene tubing and a water pressure regulator. After installing this and testing my water at the other side of it, my water hardness has been reduced from 14gpg to about 4, which I think decent enough. I’ll monitor the scale build-up in the machine.
Pentek BFS-201 filter system
Pentek WS-10 water softener cartridge
Pentek EP-10 carbon block filter cartridge

PS: In case you’re wondering why I picked this system, I looked at several including a restaurant supply store disposable cartridge system as well as a small rechargeable system. Naturally, I made a spreadsheet (I’m an engineer…I can’t help it) and compared the value of each over the next 5 (and 10) years. The Pentek was the best value for me and the amount of espresso I make.

As for the drain, I’ve installed the machine right next to my sink, with a short hose from the drain just over the edge of the sink. You can see this sticking out in the picture. Soon, I’ll make a little 3D-printed cap that will make it flow directly down into the sink and reduce the amount that it sticks out to about 6mm (a quarter of an inch).

The Faema Special installed in my kitchen
One of my first uses of the Faema Special in my kitchen. Not the best extracting shot, but very drinkable.

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